About your rent

It is your responsibility to pay your rent, service charges, and, if applicable, rates each week according to the terms of your tenancy agreement. Therefore, you must remember:

  • Make sure you pay your rent on time

  • Respond to contact from our staff

  • If you are on a low income, you should make sure the jobcenter or council has all the information necessary to process your benefit claim.

The rent team monitor rent accounts, service charges and ground rent payments on a weekly basis. They provide a dedicated service for all tenants and leaseholders.

It's easy to miss a rent payment and fall behind on your rent. Many things can cause it, like an unexpected bill or an illness that kept you from working. Maybe you are experiencing problems with your benefit payments. We can help you find a solution if you're struggling to pay your housing rent.

We have a committed Benefits & Money Advisor to help tenants who are struggling with their rent, benefits, debt and/or budgeting. If you feel you would benefit from this service you can self-refer by contacting the money adviser network or ask your housing officer to arrange for the Benefits & Money Advisor to contact you.

It is really important that you contact us as soon as possible; that you are up front about why you are unable to pay your rent to ensure you are provided with the correct advice, and to avoid any further action.