Upload evidence for your council tax and/or housing benefit application

When to use this form

This form can be used to submit evidence to support both council tax and housing benefit claims. At the end of your initial application we will tell you if you need to provide any evidence. 

Submit your evidence

If you need to tell us about a change of circumstances please use the form located towards the bottom of this page

How to apply

  • click on the 'Submit your evidence' button above
  • select which application you are supplying evidence for
  • enter your council tax account number or your housing benefit / council tax reduction claim reference, as required
  • upload your document(s) and submit

What file types can I upload?

  • images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, JPG)
  • PDFs
  • TIFs

Please note that there is a 5MB size limit on all files that can be attached.

Change of circumstances

If you want to tell us something has changed on your current claim please complete our change of circumstances form

Tell us about a change