Tell us about a change

What changes do we need to know about?

You need to tell us if any of the following change:

  • your address (even if it's to another room in the same house); please note that if you only claim housing benefit at your current address and are now liable for council tax you will need to apply for council tax reduction; separately 
  • people who live in your home
  • the income, capital, or savings of anyone living in your home
  • a young person living with you leaves school
  • a change in your payment details

How to inform us of a change in your circumstance

  • click on the "Report a change in circumstances" button 
  • select the appropriate form for your change
  • complete the change in circumstances form, making sure you have:
    • your claim reference number
    • full details of your changes

Report a change in circumstances

During the completion of the form you will be able to upload any evidence, if requested. However if you are unable to upload at the time of completion you can submit this evidence via the link below but please do this as soon as possible as your claim won't be fully processed until all information is submitted.

Submitting your evidence

Once you submit the online form, if you have given your email address (and haven't uploaded your evidence already) you will be emailed a list of any evidence required to process your application. You can use the button below to submit your evidence.

Submit your evidence

What happens next?

Once we receive your changes, and all the required supporting information, your change will be processed. We aim to process completed changes within 7 working days.  If we are unable to process your change and require further information we will contact you by phone or email.

If after your changes have been processed and your entitlement changes you will receive notification of your new entitlement, however if there is no change to your entitlement then you will not receive notification.

Claim reviews

If you have received a letter or email to complete a review of your claim please click the link below. You will need your last name, national insurance number, date of birth, postcode, benefit claim number and your access key (which is provided to you as part of the review letter).

Complete your claim review