Ending a council tenancy

It is important to tell us if you want to leave your home and end your tenancy. If you do not tell us, you'll continue to pay rent, even if you have moved to another address.

If you're ending your home tenancy, you’ll need to:

  • give us a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice of your intent to end your tenancy. This starts from the first Monday after we have received your completed termination form.
  • inform relevant departments such as Council Tax, Revenues and Benefits etc.
  • pay any outstanding rent or charges.
  • When you leave your home you must ensure that it is clean and that there is no damage. Both the property and garden (if you have one) must be clear of all your belongings.  If you fail to do so you will be charged the cost for putting things right. You may also be excluded from having another tenancy for a council property.

What happens next

After you have completed the Notification of end of tenancy form, your application will be passed to the relevant team for processing. A written confirmation will be sent to you advising of the termination date and next steps. We aim to get back to you within 5 working days. 

Guidance notes - ending your tenancy (PDF, 94KB)

Guidance notes for notification of death of tenant

If you need to notify us of ending your tenancy or the death of a tenant, please read the relevant guidance notes above and then complete the form below.

Notification of end of tenancy form

Ending a joint tenancy

If you have a joint tenancy and want this to end, please contact housing.service@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk for further advice.