Moving in

When you move in

After the previous tenant has moved out and before you move into your home we will carry out general repairs and maintenance to make sure that it meets our lettable standard. The amount of work that we have to do depends on the condition of the property when it is handed back to us.

Lettings standards

We carry out safety checks and repairs internally and externally, as well as cleaning the property before you move in and garden clearance within 4 weeks of you moving in. With all work checked by a Council Officer before you sign your tenancy agreement.


Internal decoration is your responsibility. Decoration vouchers of £30.00 per room will be given if the rooms require decorating. We want you to be happy and comfortable in your new home. You can decorate and personalise it to make it your own, but you cannot make any changes to the structure, fixtures or fittings without getting our written permission first.

If you need household items

Items that are not provided with our properties are white goods (fridges, cookers, washing machines etc.) or soft furnishings (curtains & carpets etc.), so it will be down to you to supply and maintain these. If you are on a low income and struggling to purchase essential household items and furniture you may be able to get a Budgeting Loan or a Universal Credit Advance form the Job Centre (depending if & what benefits you are in receipt of).

There is also a scheme run by Kent County Council (KCC) called Kent Support and Assistance Service (KSAS) that may be able to help you. If your application is successful the support offered will be goods and/or services. They do not give money.

Signing your tenancy agreement & moving in

The date stated on your tenancy agreement as the "tenancy start date" is when you become the legal tenant. From that day you are responsible for the security of your new home, paying rent and other charges even if you do not move-in immediately. If you are eligible for Housing Benefit, or the housing element of Universal Credit, you will not be entitled to it if you are not living in the property, or have not moved into the property, and therefore your rent will not be covered.

Visiting you after your tenancy begins - Introductory Tenants

If this is your first tenancy with us, your Neighbourhood Officer will be in contact with you during the beginning of your tenancy to ensure that you have settled in.

They will check:

  • You have settled in and are not having any difficulties
  • All repairs we agreed when you accepted the tenancy have been carried out
  • No further repairs are needed
  • You understand the conditions of your tenancy
  • You don't have any problems paying your rent

Costs of running a home

There are quite a lot of expenses associated with running a home, which you are responsible for paying and organising. Download this advice and checklist form to help ensure you arrange all of your utility accounts, such as electricity gas and water supply.  Please view our helpful Moving in guide (PDF, 470KB)