A pet can only be kept with permission, and we will confirm it in writing to ensure that the permission has been granted. If you plan on keeping a pet in your home, consider whether it is appropriate for one.

We may not give permission for you to keep a pet, especially if it is an unusual pet.

Assistance dogs for people with disabilities will be allowed.

If you keep a pet, you must:

  • Always keep it under control and do not allow it to damage your property
  • Not allow it to cause a nuisance or danger to any person. You will be in breach of your tenancy if you allow your pet to cause a nuisance, such as a dog barking continually, and we may take legal action against you
  • Not allow your pet to foul in communal areas and follow guidelines for cleaning up after your pet in public spaces
  • Dogs must be kept on leads when outside your home or garden