ILS accommodation application

To apply for Independent Living Scheme (ILS) accommodation an online application form needs to be completed on the Kent Homechoice website so that a households circumstances can be considered and a place on the Council's Housing List can be allocated. For more information about applying to the Housing List please go to the Council's web page about apply for social and affordable housing.

Existing Council tenants who wish to transfer to Council ILS Accommodation

An existing Council tenant who would like to move to ILS accommodation will need to complete an online transfer application form on the Kent Homechoice website.

If a tenant has no access to the Internet to complete the application form online they should contact their Folkestone & Hythe Neighbourhood Officer for assistance by emailing or calling 01303 853000.

Property Offer

If an applicant has made a successful bid on a Sheltered or Semi-sheltered ILS accommodation, provided relevant documents and information to verify eligibly for social housing, offered a viewing and decides to accept the property, there is an expectation that the tenancy will be taken up within a few days of the viewing.

If you need household items

Items that are not provided with our properties are white goods (fridges, cookers, washing machines etc.) or soft furnishings (curtains & carpets etc.), so it will be down to you to supply and maintain these.

If you are on a low income and struggling to purchase essential household items and furniture you may be able to get a Budgeting Loan or a Universal Credit Advance form the Job Centre (depending if & what benefits you are in receipt of).

There is also a scheme run by Kent County Council (KCC) called Kent Support and Assistance Service (KSAS) that may be able to help you. If your application is successful the support offered will be goods and/or services. They do not give money.