Adaptations for council tenants

Adaptations can be provided to alter and improve the home of eligible tenants to help them remain independent in their home and enjoy a good quality of life.

Type of adaptations and waiting times

Minor works

  • This work is generally straightforward and will be dealt with immediately, such as grab rails, handrails and lever taps

Major works

  • Need to be inspected, approved and planned this could include bathroom adaptations such as flush floor showers and over bath showers, as well as installing ramps and stair lifts. There may be a waiting list for major works

Who assesses eligibility?

An assessment is undertaken by an Occupational Therapist from Kent County Council's Social Services to determine the person's needs to achieve this independence.

The Occupational Therapist's recommendations form the basis of an application to fund the works; providing the council considers the works are reasonable and practicable and the application is satisfactory in all other respects.

When we consider a request for adaptations the property and the household's circumstances are taken into account. Please note that there are some circumstances in which adaptations may not be able to be carried out:

  • Under-occupancy - when a person(s) may be living in a home with more bedrooms than they need
  • Overcrowding - when a person(s) is living in a home which does not have enough bedrooms for the people who live there
  • Tenancy termination - if the tenancy is due to end because of rent arrears, potential transfer to another property, or Right to Buy has been applied for
  • Unsuitability of property - the works required may not be suitable to the type of property occupied, which could be because of the property's location, layout, and construction type for example
  • If the request for adaptations is refused the Council will explain the reasons why and suggest alternative solutions, or recommend more suitable accommodation to meet mobility and medical needs

Mobility scooters

When considering the purchase of a mobility scooter please be aware that we are unable to provide storage, ramping or charging points for these.

Referral process

To arrange a referral from an occupational therapist call:

Adult services (Over 18's) call 03000 416161
Children services (Under 18's) call 03000 411111
Or email

Adaptation enquiries

Please email or call 01303 853000