Loft spaces in council homes

This information sets out the council’s position regarding loft spaces in rented houses and flats.

Our approach aims to ensure that the health and safety of residents and staff is our priority, whilst recognising that residents may wish to make use of the loft space in their home.


Loft spaces are not designed or built for storage and/or regular access. We do understand however that where a house has a loft, residents may wish to use it for storage.

Limited storage will be permitted where.

  • The storage is for a limited amount of lightweight items.
  • The storage does not block access to any part of the loft, or to any equipment, services or plant that may be installed in the loft.
  • The part of the loft used for storage is boarded. Items should not be placed directly onto joists or insulation.

Boarding is tenants’ responsibility and as it is a property alteration, would require permission. If you are thinking of boarding out the loft space in your house, you must contact us first and apply for permission.

Loft spaces are not designed for storage and so the council will not accept liability for any damage or loss to items stored in the loft, however the damage is caused.

Access – it is a condition of your tenancy agreement that you must give access to staff and/or contractors for inspection and/or works. If access is not given, including because items are stored in the way….

  • This will be considered breach of tenancy so enforcement action will be considered.
  • If we have to move or remove any items to allow access, this will be considered a rechargeable work

The council do not provide loft-ladders or any means of access to the loft and so we will not be liable for any damage or injury to any person or property caused by accessing or exiting a loft.

A loft will never be considered as a living space and tenants are not permitted to use the loft as a room for example a workroom or an additional sleeping space.


Lofts above flats where the loft access is in the communal area – there is no access to residents and the loft hatch will be kept locked at all times

Lofts above flats where the loft access is within an individual flat – there is no access to residents and the loft hatch will be kept locked at all times.

If you live in a flat that does have a loft hatch, please do not attempt to open the hatch, or go into the loft. The loft hatch is there for maintenance access only.