Neighbourhood inspections

2023 neighbourhood inspection results

Our neighbourhood inspections take place during spring and summer and they are an opportunity for tenants to meet with staff and contractor representatives to share any concerns and help us identify problems in their area.

As part of the inspection, tenants help check the condition of their neighbourhoods, buildings and communal areas. They can also feedback on issues such as caretaking, rubbish and fly-tipping, as well as reporting any repairs they feel are needed in their neighbourhood.

The issues identified are separated into two categories by the neighbourhood officers:

  • Immediate - minor or day to day repairs or other issues that can be solved quickly.
  • Long term - landscaping issues, planned repairs, external decoration, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviours, quality of cleaning or other services.

The team then actions the issues identified, including referring to other council teams.

Here are just some examples of the issues raised in 2023 and how they were actioned/referred:

  • Five abandoned vehicles – removal notices issued.
  • Litter - collected during the inspection.
  • Weeds along footpaths – to be cleared by caretaking team.
  • Blocked gullies – to be cleared by Mears.
  • Fly-tipping – clearance ordered.
  • Vegetation above sheds - request to cut back sent to grounds maintenance and caretakers.
  • A larger scale litter pick needed – caretakers to arrange.
  • Loose kerb and hole outside homes – passed to Kent Highways to action.
  • Broken air vents – Mears representative suggested new hooded vents as replacement and confirmed Mears will attend.
  • Roof tile replacement and work – Mears to attend.
  • Bin store doors damaged and could not be secured – noted for action by Assets and Development team.
  • Untidy and overgrown gardens – notes delivered to properties.  Neighbourhood Officers to follow up if no improvements made.
  • Aerials to be removed from the external walls of building as no longer in use.

The table below shows how many issues were raised in all the 2023 inspections and how many have since been action or referred.

2023 neighbourhood inspections


Inspection Dates


Neighbourhood Officer


Number of issues idenfied   


Number of issued actioned/referred

Blackbull Road - Tues 23 May Hannah Sarjeant 9 issues identified 9 actioned/referred
Reachfields - Tues 6 June Nkoli Onyejeli 7 issues identified 6 actioned/referred
Phoenix Court - Tues 13 June Hannah Sarjeant 5 issues identified 5 actioned/referred
Elham & surrounding villages - Thurs 29 June Sam Brewerton 0 issues identified All comments passed onto relevant teams
Warren Close - Fri 30 June Hayley Kent 5 issues identified 5 actioned/referred
Harbour - Wed 5 July Hannah Sarjeant 7 issues identified 7 actioned/referred
Creteway - Tues 11 July Sam Brewerton 10 issues identified
8 actioned/referred
1 issue unable to be actioned
1 issued raised as a tenant 
Cheriton East - Wed 12 July Kelly Flannery 11 issues identified 11 actioned/referred
Seabrook & Lympne - Tues 18 July Debbie Helliwell  16 issues identified 16 actioned/referred
Burmarsh & Dymchurch - Tues 25 July Debbie Helliwell  9 issues identified 9 actioned/referred
Lydd & Old Romney - Thurs 27 July Mark Emerson 4 issues identified 4 actioned/referred
Sir John Moore Avenue - Thurs 3 August Nkoli Onyejeli 8 issues identified 8 actioned/referred
Lydd & St Marys Bay - Wed 9 August Mark Emerson 5 issues identified 5 actioned/referred

Cheriton West - Wed 16 August

Kelly Flannery & Debbie Helliwell 22 issues identified 22 actioned/referred
Hawkinge - Tues 22 August Sam Brewerton 8 issues identified 8 actioned/referred
Marsh Villages - Thurs 24 August Mark Emerson 3 issues identified 3 actioned/referred
Cinque Ports - Wed 30 August Nkoli Onyejeli 3 issues identified 3 actioned/referred
Wood Avenue - Wed 6 September Hayley Kent 9 issues identified 9 actioned/referred
New Romney - 8th September Mark Emerson 3 issues identified 3 actioned/referred

If you are interested in taking part in the 2024 inspection or would like further information please email