Garages and parking

Renting a garage

There are a range of garages located across the Folkestone & Hythe District that provide useful parking and storage for cars and motorbikes.

Request to rent a garage

Any council or non council tenants of the district who have been offered a garage are required to pay a deposit of £100. 

Pay your garage deposit

 For any general garage enquiries please email

The rental costs for garages are listed below, these are subject to change on an annual basis.

2022/2023 Weekly cost Paying rent for a garage
Council tenants  £12.30 Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your garage rent. For more details about making rent payment see our Paying Rent web page
Non council tenants £14.75

Non-tenants have to pay VAT on their garage rental 

Repairs to your garage

The Council will keep the structure and exterior of the garage in good repair. You are responsible for repair or replacement of damage due to any act or neglect by you, members of your household or visitors.

Garages are sufficiently weather tight to store a car but are not suitable for domestic items.

Replacement keys or locks will also be your responsibility.

Insuring the contents

The Council does not insure the contents of the garage so you will need to arrange this separately with your own insurance provider.

Ending your garage tenancy

You can bring your garage tenancy to an end by completing our form and giving 1 weeks' notice.

Cancel your garage rental

You will need to make sure the garage is left clear of any belongings and clean or you will be charged for the cost of removing any items/rubbish left behind.

If you do not pay your rent we will end your garage tenancy by serving you with a Notice to Quit. When the tenancy is ended the locks will be changed and all items removed from the garage and you will be charged for the cost of doing this.


If your property does not have its own driveway, and you own a vehicle which you park in a parking bay provided by the Council, you must make sure it is roadworthy, properly taxed, licensed and insured.

You must not:

  • Park in places that are not authorised spaces
  • Block roadways, access areas, footpaths or cause any other obstruction
  • Attempt to "reserve" or block parking spaces

Parking in many of the areas is limited and the Council relies on residents and visitors parking their cars considerately. Action may be taken against tenants who continually park inconsiderately on Council land. It is an offence to drive across any grassed area or pavement unless a properly constructed vehicle crossing (dropped kerb) is in place.

Parking Space Fees  
Council tenants £3.60 per week
Private tenants £4.40 per week

Caravans, motorhomes, boats and trailers

You must not park any caravan, Motorhome, boat, trailer or commercial vehicle (over 3.5 tonnes un laden weight) at your home, or on any other land we own, without our written permission.

Dropped kerbs

If you wish to build a parking space, hard standing, garage or drive at your home you will need our written permission. For a dropped kerb you will need permission from the Kent County Council (KCC) and it must be constructed to their specification; there is more information on KCC's website.

Untaxed and un-roadworthy vehicles

If your car tax has expired or your vehicle is not roadworthy, you are not allowed to keep the vehicle on public land or on the public highway. If there is an untaxed vehicle parked on the road you can report it online.