Controlled parking zone F

Zone F map link 

The list of road names below show the roads that are included in controlled parking zone F. You may not be able to use your permit on all the roads listed, as some roads may run over more than one permit zone.

You can check where you can park using your F permit by clicking the map link above which will direct you to the Kent County Council traffic orders web page. From here you can enter in a location, and you will be able to view any restrictions and further information about the area. Please be aware that a valid permit does not guarantee a parking space.

  • Avereng Gardens
  • Avereng Road
  • Black Bull Road
  • Boscombe Road
  • Bournemouth Gardens
  • Bournemouth Road
  • Bradstone Avenue
  • Broadmead Road
  • Cheriton Road
  • Cornwallis Close
  • Devon Road
  • Foord Road
  • Julian Road
  • Radnor Park Avenue
  • Radnor Park Crescent
  • Radnor Park Gardens
  • Radnor Park Road
  • Radnor Park West
  • Ship Street
  • St Johns Church Road
  • Sussex Road
  • Victoria Road
  • Wiltie Gardens
  • Wilton Road