Food hygiene business requirements

If you run a business that handles food, you must meet specific requirements

What do the requirements cover?

The food hygiene requirements include rules on:

  • the handling of food, eg how it is stored, prepared and cooked
  • the condition of kitchen facilities, eg their design, repair and cleanliness
  • the recording and management of food safety

Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidance

You can find out about the requirements in more detail using the link below.

Food Standards Agency

Food safety inspections

We will check on all aspects of food hygiene when we will inspect your business.

Help with your food management system

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Some businesses must have a documented system for managing food safety based on the principles of HAACP.

Safer Food, Better Business

This is an FSA toolkit that helps small retailers, catering businesses and childminders to manage food safety and food hygiene, using HACCP principles.


For advice on how to manage allergens in your food business, please visit the Trading Standards website