Food premises approval

If your business involves handling meat, fish, egg or dairy products, you must be inspected and approved by us

When would I need premises approval?

You will need approval if your business handles or processes food of animal origin or produces sprouting seeds and sells them to other businesses. You can't start any operations that need food premises approval until you've received approval from us.

Food of animal origin includes:

  • Meat products including minced meat
  • Fish and fishery products
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs and egg products

When approval isn't required

You may not require approval if you sell directly to the public or retailers like caterers, pubs and restaurants, if:

  • the food you supply to other food businesses is less than 25% of your total trade in food
  • you don't handle any wild game meat products
  • you don't sell food outside the county your business is registered in

The rules about exemptions from approval are complex. Please contact us for advice.

You must still follow the rules for controlling the temperature and storage of any food you transport.

What happens next?

Get in touch

If you think you may require approval we strongly recommend you contact us for advice before making an application as rules are complex.

Registering a food business

You will need to be registered, rather than approved, if you wish to sell food directly to the public.

How much does it costs?

There is no fee.

How to apply

Please email for more information 

What happens next?

The Food & Safety Team will inspect your premises to make sure they meet food safety, and health and safety standards. This will include showing that there are food safety procedures and a food safety management systems in place.

Once we have assessed your application, we will either: 

  • approve your application
  • refuse your application with reasons telling you why and how you can appeal