Rubbish on private land

We deal with complaints about rubbish piles on private property

Report it to us

If you see rubbish piling up on private land or property, let us know.

Report a problem with rubbish


  • call our customer services team on 01303 858660
  • email us

What we'll do

We investigate every complaint

Our Pollution team need to find out who owns the land and must be satisfied that one or more of these conditions applies:

  • the rubbish is causing a smell inside neighbouring properties
  • it's in quantities large enough to be a risk to health
  • it contains food or other materials that will attract vermin, or is already harbouring vermin

What happens next?

If the team decides to act on the complaint, they'll give the owner notice to remove the rubbish by a certain date.

If this doesn't happen, the owner will either get a fine, or we will remove the rubbish and charge the owner.