Pest problems

Information and guidance relating to pest problems in public and private premises

The council does not provide pest control as a service but promote the services of AGS Pest Control as our preferred supplier.

To arrange a visit please contact AGS Pest Control via one of the following methods:-



Telephone: 01303 311120


AGS Pest Control offers residents of Folkestone & Hythe District reduced rates at the following prices:-

Type of pest Price per treatment Number of visits
Rats £45.00 Usually three
Mice £45.00 Usually three
Fleas £75.00 (up to six rooms) Two
Cockroaches £75.00 (up to six rooms) Two
Ants £50.00 Two
Bedbugs £110.00 (up to six rooms) Three
Wasps & hornets £45.00 for first nest, £15.00 per additional only available where the nest can be treated without specialist access equipment (up to 8m) One

Out of hours rate for emergency works: £42.50 per visit in addition to the rates above

Industrial/Commercial: £50.00 per hour + materials

Other animals


We receive many complaints about seagulls especially in the summer. The leaflet below provides information on how to reduce the problem and how to discourage gulls when they cause a nuisance. Properly disposing of waste and rubbish is important. Feeding gulls is discouraged as they can obtain adequate food elsewhere. If you wish to feed garden birds use hanging feeders.

Advice on herring gulls (PDF, 220KB)

Further assistance

  • you can use The British Beekeepers Association to help you identify honeybee swarms and find links to local registered collectors/beekeepers
  • some wild animals such as badgers require a licence to deal with - call DEFRA on 08459 33 55 77, or email
  • you can contact local pest control companies and liaise directly if you're experiencing problems with another type of pest

Dead animals

You can report a dead animal that is on a public highway by clicking on the following link report a dead animal