Caravan site licence

You must have a licence if you want to run a caravan site, or if you live in a caravan that is not connected to a dwelling or used for farm work.

Before you start

You must have planning permission for the caravan site before you apply for a licence. Your licence will last as long as you've planning permission for the caravan site.

How much it costs

There is no charge for a licence for touring caravan sites or holiday caravan sites.

Residential caravan sites

Residential caravan site fees

Band Size of site Application fee Annual fee
A Single pitch £0 £0
B 2-10 pitches £650.70 £386.30
C 11-25 pitches £757.50 £492.10
D 26-50 pitches £933.40 £669.00
E 51-100 pitches £1,259.20 £996.00
F 101-200 pitches £1,931.50 £1,666.00
G 201-400 pitches £3,254.30 £2,990.00
H 401-800 pitches £5,902.20 £5,638.90

Other charges

Additional caravan site charges 

Application Fee
Transfer £70.80
Amendment £100.40
Site rules £47.30

Please note, single unit residential caravans that are not connected to a dwelling or being used for farm work are likely to be exempt from fees, but this is at our discretion.

Caravan site rules

To view the site rules for our existing Residential Caravan Sites please see below:

Willow Tree Farm site rules (PDF, 90KB)

Princes of Wales Residential Park site rules (PDF, 25KB)

Highview Residential Park site rules (PDF, 25KB)

Herons Park site rules (PDF, 100KB)

How to apply for a new licence

You will need to

Log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the form. MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7

  • complete the application form
  • pay the appropriate fee.

Apply for caravan site licence

What happens next?

We'll get in touch if we need any additional information, otherwise we'll aim to process your application in 5 working days.

Bear in mind that part of processing your application involves consulting with various authorities such as the police, fire department, and environmental health, and in some circumstances they can take up to 28 days to fully review your application and get back to us.

After reviewing the application and receiving positive responses from consultees, we will aim to organise an inspection of the premises in 10 working days.

Premises inspection

An officer from our Environmental Health team will carry out an inspection, to confirm that the planning conditions have been met and to carry out a health and safety inspection.

If we grant the licence, we will send it to your registered address. The licence will have conditions, relating to:

  • the distance between caravans
  • fire safety
  • sanitary and washing facilities
  • health and safety

If you run a caravan site without a licence, or break the conditions of a licence, you may receive a fine of up to £2,500.