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We understand that interacting with the local council is not a preferred activity for most. We've created an online platform where registered users can easily make transactions and see council information relevant to them all in one place.

MyAccount is a 24/7 service that allows you to get on with your day and the more exciting things in life.

What services are available on MyAccount?

You can find out about your bin collections, council tax and housing benefit - as well as make payments and submit applications for things such as parking permits.

A whole host of services are available via MyAccount. These include:

  • Council tax: You can tell us you are moving, set up a Direct Debit, apply for discounts and exemptions, make a council tax payment, view your property council tax band and a history of your council tax bills, tell us of a change in circumstance, and much more.
  • Benefits: You can apply for housing benefit, tell us of a change in circumstance, view your housing benefit calculations and a history of your housing benefit, and much more
  • Recycling, waste and bins: You can view your collection schedule, request new or replacement bins, request additional bins, report missed bins, and much more.
  • Planning: You can apply for planning permission or pre-application advice, search and comment on planning applications, create a 'watch list' of applications that are relevant or interesting to you, request and purchase copies of planning documents, and much more.
  • Building control: You can apply for building control notices, request a site inspection, make a general enquiry, and much more.
  • Licensing: You can apply for a licence or a permit, amend or vary your licence, view the online licensing register, and much more.
  • Freedom of Information / Subject Access Request: You can make a Freedom of Information or Subject Access Request enquiry.
  • Council information: View the contact details of your local councillors and Member of Parliament, and find out information about your polling station and upcoming elections in your area.

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What are the benefits of MyAccount?

You can report, apply or pay for council services at the click of a button - whether that be on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Nearly 70% of our interactions with residents are now online - with people choosing to contact us or make transactions at a time that suits them. Around half of the district's residents have now registered for MyAccount since it was launched in August 2020.

The platform has allowed us to modernise outdated processes that were in place for many years, as well as introduce things that weren't possible to do online before.

MyAccount is helping to speed things up for residents and business owners, as well as the council itself. More services are due to be added in the near future.


How do I register for MyAccount?

Registering for MyAccount is simple - just click here or hit the 'register or sign in to MyAccount' button on this page.

You will be asked to enter your details and a verification code (sent to your email address) to complete the process. You will only need to do this once.

If you are a registered council tax payer in the district and you want to access your personal council tax and benefits information, you will be asked to verify your details to access these - just to make sure you are really you.

Doing this is easy. You just need to find a recent copy of your council tax bill and have your unique billing key ready to enter. Again, you will only need to do this once.

If both you and your partner are registered as liable persons to pay for council tax, you can both register for MyAccount independently by following the process outlined above.

If you are not a registered council tax payer in Folkestone & Hythe, unfortunately you will not be able to view this level of information.

Landlords are also able to register for MyAccount - but you will only be able to see information relating to you. Use the self-serve landlord portal to access information regarding housing benefit and council tax for your tenants.

Who can I contact to help if I'm having difficulty registering?

Our team is here to help.  If you are having difficulty registering or logging into your MyAccount complete the online form and we will contact you to provide assistance.

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