On-street waivers

On-street waivers are issued to trade vehicles. A waiver allows you to park on double yellow lines, in permit holder or shared use (permit holder and limited waiting) bays for the purpose of working from your vehicle only.  These daily or weekly waivers must be booked for the day and area the trade is working in.

It does not allow you to park in places reserved for specific users, e.g. taxi ranks, bus stops, clearways, disabled bays, Police bays, nor in places where there is a loading/unloading restriction (indicated by yellow kerb markings at the edge of the carriageway).  

It is not valid in Pay & Display car parks or on-street Pay & Display bays.  The vehicle must be moved on the instructions of a Police Officer or Civil Enforcement Officer.  

Apply for a Daily Wavier
Apply for a Weekly Wavier

How much it costs

Type of permit Charge
Daily Waiver £12.00
Weekly Waiver £36.00