Parking permit amendments

You will need to supply proof of ownership of the new vehicle, If you're going to be using a courtesy car for less than a week, please contact us so we can arrange to issue a temporary permit. If you're going to be using a courtesy car for longer than a week use the parking permit amendment form. 

How much it costs

Please note there is a £5.70 charge for this amendment.

How to apply

Apply to amend your parking permit

You will need to:

Log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the form. MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7

Upload supporting documents (any one of the following documents will be accepted):

  • a copy of your vehicle registration document, registered to you at your CPZ address
  • a copy of the completed New keeper's details on your vehicle registration document
  • hire / leasing agreement in your name and CPZ address
  • insurance document showing your name, address and new vehicle registration (usually the schedule)
  • a document showing details of courtesy vehicle

What happens next 

Your application will be processed within 5 working days, if we need any further information we will contact you.