Resident car park permits

This can be used once a day and lets you park for up to three hours in long-stay council car parks, and up to two hours in short-stay council car parks.

Am I eligible?

Your permanent address needs to be in the district and your vehicle (car, invalid carriage, or goods vehicle) registered to that address. You must provide evidence to show that you are listed as a named driver on the Insurance if you share or borrow a vehicle. 

Which car parks can I use my permit in?

Long and short stay car parks in Folkestone
Long-stay car parks : Folkestone
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Folkestone
(max 2 hours)
Tram Road, Folkestone Upper Payers Park, Folkestone
Harbourside, Folkestone Pleydell Gardens, Folkestone
Lower Sandgate Road West, Folkestone Foresters Way, Folkestone
Sandgate Road, Folkestone
(formerly Leas Cliff Hall)
Shellons Street, Folkestone
The Coastal Park, Folkestone  
East Cliff Pavilion, Folkestone  
Long and short stay car parks Sandgate
Long-stay car parks : Sandgate
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Sandgate - N/A
(max 2 hours)
Castle Road, Sandgate  
Wilberforce Road, Sandgate  
Long and short stay car parks Hythe
Long-stay car parks : Hythe
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Hythe 
(max 2 hours)
The Paddocks, Hythe Mount Street, Hythe
Military Road, Hythe  
Battery Point, Hythe  
Twiss Fort, Hythe  
Sea Point, Hythe  
West Hythe Road Car Park, Hythe  
Long and short stay car parks Dymchurch
Long-stay car parks : Dymchurch
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Dymchurch - N/A
(max 2 hours)
Dymchurch Central  
Martello, Dymchurch  
High Knocke, Dymchurch  
Long and short stay car parks Littlestone
Long-stay car parks : Littlestone
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Littlestone - N/A
(max 2 hours)
Coast Drive, Littlestone  
Long and short stay car parks Greatstone
Long-stay car parks : Greatstone
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Greatstone - N/A
(max 2 hours)
Jolly Fisherman, Greatstone  
Long and short stay car parks in New Romney
Long-stay car parks : New Romney
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: New Romney
(max 2 hours)
West Street, New Romney Church Road, New Romney
Long and short stay car parks in Lydd on Sea
Long-stay car parks : Lydd on Sea
(max 3 hours)
Short-stay car parks: Lydd on Sea - N/A
(max 2 hours)
The Lade, Lydd on Sea  

Can I share or transfer my permit?

No. Season tickets are not transferable between vehicles or households.

Courtesy cars

If you're going to be using a courtesy car for over a week, please complete a permit amendment request. 

Permit amendment request form

How much it costs

Description Fee
Resident's car park permit £71.20 per annum
Replacement or amended permit £5.70

No refunds are given for any unused periods.

How to apply

You can apply online using the button below.

Apply or renew a Parking Permit

Please allow up to five working days to process your application. After we've reviewed and authorised your application, you'll receive an email explaining how to make payment and activate your permit. 
Your permit will not be valid until payment is made.

Received your car park permit authorisation email? 

Make your payment now

What do I need to provide with my application?

You must provide a valid email address and submit proof of address and proof of vehicle ownership. Documents must be in the same name as your application and if you're providing bills or bank statements, these should be recent examples no more than six months old.

Please note, we do not accept mobile phone bills as a proof of address.

New vehicles and company vehicles

For vehicles purchased in the last three months, you'll need to submit either the bill of sale or new keeper supplement and your insurance certificate.

For company vehicles, we need a letter from your company on headed paper confirming that the vehicle is owned or leased by the company and you're the sole user.

What happens next?

We'll send you a parking clock once your application has been authorised. On parking, set the parking clock at the time of arrival, and display inside the front windscreen so it is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.