Residents parking permits for visitors

If you live within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), you can buy visitor parking sessions so your friends or relatives can park near your home

How does it work?

Using the pay-as-you-go RingGo service, you add parking sessions to a digital wallet and redeem them when a visitor parks near your home.

To use the service you need a RingGo account

If you don't already have one, you can register when you apply. Existing RingGo customers can log in using their account details.  You will still need to apply for a permit to purchase visitor sessions.

For technical support with your RingGo account, view their help pages or use their contact page at

Do I need to have a parking permit myself?

No. Your address just needs to be in one of the district's CPZs.

The postcode search in the online application will tell you if your address is within a CPZ.

Annual allowance

Each household is entitled to a maximum of 100 per rolling 12 month period.

At the end of this rolling 12 month period, you will have to renew your visitor permit account to be able to keep booking sessions for your visitors. You'll receive an email with details of how to do this a month before your renewal date.


Visitor permit parking sessions are valid for one calendar day.

How do I apply?

Use the link below to apply.

Apply for visitor parking permits

Please allow up to five working days to process your application. After we've reviewed and authorised your application, you'll receive an email explaining how to make payment and activate your permit. Your permit will not be valid until payment is made.

What do I need to provide with my application?

You must submit proof of address. Documents must be in the same name as your application and bills or bank statements should be no more than six months old.

Please note, we do not accept mobile phone bills as a proof of address.

Adding visitor permit parking sessions

Once your application has been authorised, you'll be able to add parking sessions to your account by logging into your RingGo account.

You must buy a minimum of five sessions at a time, which costs £6.60.

Activating a parking session

The parking session can be activated either online, via the RingGo app, or by calling 0203 046 0005. You'll need your visitor's car registration number

There's no requirement to display any physical parking permit.