Special permits

Before you start

If you receive regular visits for your care from friends, relatives, care or other support service organizations, you can apply for a special permit. This permit is free.

These permits are issued at the discretion of the council. Your application must be supported by medical or other appropriate evidence such as a care plan or package.

How it works

The application must be made by the resident and supported by medical or other appropriate evidence. You do not need to submit proof of vehicle ownership.

These permits are non-vehicle specific so please ensure the vehicle details are entered in as ‘Variable’ on your application.

After your application is approved a special permit will be sent to you by post which must be displayed in the vehicle coming to provide you with care or support.

How to Apply

Apply online using the button below.

You will need to make sure that the applicant and vehicle details are correctly inputted during the application correctly, as there will be an amendment fee of £6.15 for any errors made.

Apply for a CPZ Special Permit (On Street)

How much it costs

Type of permit Charge 
Special permit Free