Dropped kerbs

What is dropped kerb?

dropped kerb or vehicle crossing is the dip in the path and kerb that lets you drive up to your house.

If you live in the district you should apply to Kent County Council to have one installed.

Before you apply

Follow the Kent County Council guidance above

There's self-assessment form to see if your road is suitable for dropped kerb.

Find out if your road is classified

Search the list of Kent streets.

To search for your street in the document, press Ctrl and  together, then type in your street name and press return. Classified streets have letter and number in front of them (for example, A262).

If your road is classified, you will need to get planning permission.

How to apply for planning permission

Although dropped kerbs are generally covered by householder permitted development rights you won't ordinarily need to make  planning application, if your road is classified or another development constraint applies, you can apply for planning permission online via the Planning Portal.

Within your online application form, there will be section to provide details of the dropped kerb.