Play area strategy

Vision of the Play Area Strategy

We will seek to ensure all residents are able to access a high quality and high value play area. We will work with town and parish councils, together with other providers, to create play spaces which offer challenging and exciting environments for children and young people of all ages and abilities.

Against a background of financial constraints facing local authorities, investment will be prioritised on the management and improvement of play areas where there is considered the greatest need ie. play spaces located in areas with the largest concentration of children and young people. Based on this the following assessments have been made.

Priority Play Areas (PPAs)

Nine play areas have been identified in the district as being priorities for the council. The strategy identifies another five PPAs in the district in other ownership.

Strategically Important Play Areas (SIPAs)

Working with parish and town organisations, together with housing trusts and other community groups, we have identified a network of SIPAs with the aim of ensuring the majority of the district's residents live with a 15 minute walk of a high quality and high value play area.

We are working on transferring these sites to the town and parish councils who are best placed to provide these facilities for their local residents.

Non-strategic Play Areas (NSPA)

These are areas not considered part of the SIPA network and are being offered to partner organisations as part of an asset transfer. Equipment will be removed from these areas if no interested parties come forward and play equipment removed and the ground return to open space.

Action Plan 

The strategy includes an action plan to meet the council's objectives which are:.

  • To improve the location, quality, value and accessibility of play provision for all children and young people.
  • To effectively utilise planning policy to benefit play provision.
  • To raise awareness of play opportunities and the importance of play.
  • To maximise funding opportunities for the maintenance and enhancement of play areas.
  • To communicate and engage with key partners and stakeholders.
  • To ensure appropriate and regular communication and review.

Play area strategy 2021 (PDF, 1.22MB)

Play area strategy map 2021 (PDF, 10.03MB)