Fresh water and waste water

Find out all you need to know if you have concerns with your drinking water supply or waste water infrastructures.

Who does this information apply to?

This only applies to you if your water comes from a fresh water source such as a:

  • well
  • borehole
  • spring
  • river or stream
  • lake or pond

It does not apply to you if your water is provided by a water company; this water has been carefully treated to remove contaminants.

Make sure your water is safe

Know about your water supply

You can't always tell if water is contaminated by its taste, smell or colour. So it's important to know:

  • who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance?
  • where is the source?
  • where does the water go to get to your property?
  • is it treated in any way?
  • is the treatment equipment well maintained and serviced regularly?

Protect your supply at source

  • fence off land next to surface water to keep animals out
  • divert rainwater away from the supply
  • ensure collection chambers are in good condition and well-sealed

Register your supply with us

We monitor the quality of all private water supplies. If only a small number of people use the supply, we only monitor once every 5 years.

You can find out if your supply is registered in the following ways:

  • write to Environmental Health, Folkestone and Hythe District Council, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone CT20 2QY
  • call 01303 853660 or 01303 221888 out of office hours
  • email Environmental Health (details here)

How to change to a mains supply

You can ask your local water company about connecting to the public supply. You will probably have to pay all the costs.

For further information contact Affinity Water.

Drains and sewers

A leaking, blocked or broken sewer can send raw sewage into roads, gardens and homes, causing huge problems. So if you notice one it's important to act quickly.

We aren't responsible for maintaining sewers and drains in the district, only in the properties we own. However, our Pollution team will investigate complaints about blocked or broken drains and sewers.

What you can do

Contact whoever is responsible for the drain or sewer. This will be one of the following:

Contacting us out of hours

Phone us on 01303 221888 out of office hours.