Princes Parade remediation work

Princes Parade is a former landfill site, meaning remediation work will need to be carried out on the site to ensure it remains a safe environment for all. The type or level of remediation will be dependant on the proposed future use of the site.

Professionally-recognised ground investigations have helped gain a detailed understanding of the Princes Parade site.They show a wide range of materials from its previous use are beneath the surface of both the eastern and western portions of the site.

All necessary precautions to protect the community and environment from any risks associated with past land contamination will be taken.

No risk to public safety has been brought about by the work carried out to date on the Princes Parade site.

No dangerous materials have been encountered by those working on site – only some elements of bricks and masonry, neither of which were of any concern.

Leader Cllr Jim Martin has committed to “proper conversations” with the local community about “restoring the biodiversity and future of this much-loved community asset.”

Hoardings remain in place and being maintained to ensure ongoing site security and public safety from the contaminated land until the council has clarity on works required to be able to take them down.

No further activities on the site are currently being progressed.