Assisted bin collection

The assisted bin collection service is free and is available to residents in the district if you can't put your bins out for collection yourself.

This service is applicable for recycling, rubbish and garden waste collections (if subscribed).

We can pick up your bins from an agreed location on your property and return them when we're done. Leave your bins somewhere convenient for you and easy for the collection crew to get to. On the collection day, you'll have to leave the gates unlocked  (if applicable) so the crew can get to it. That can be directly outside your front door or by side door.

Let us know how long you need the service for. It can be 'temporary' period of time, like if you're injured or recovering from an operation, or 'permanent' amount of time, but we'll occasionally get in touch with you to make sure our records are right and to see if you're still interested in our bin collection service.

You can fill out this form on behalf of resident, but you'll need to provide the name and address of the person.

This service is strictly for residents who are:

  • elderly 
  • disabled
  • recovering from short or long term illness
  • one of the above with no access to carer, friend, relative or neighbour (aged over 16) to put your bins out

In the event you don't meet the criteria, we may withdraw the service or reject your application.

This service is not available for residents that use communal bin stores.

What you need to do

  • click on the request button and log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the online form to request an assisted bin collection. If you are already logged into your MyAccount the form will automatically open
  • advise us of your preferred collection point
  • tell us the reason that you are applying for assisted waste collections
  • MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7. For information about MyAccount visit the find out more page

Request an assisted bin collection

What happens next

Once we've received your request, within 10 working days you will be contacted to confirm when collections will take place from or you will be contacted to discuss your application.

Renew your assisted collection

If you have received a letter asking to renew your assisted collection, please do so by clicking on the link/button below and following the instructions.

Renewal of assisted bin collection