Collection day spillage

It's possible that sometimes on their collection rounds, the waste crew will spill some of the waste they're collecting, and even though they'll make every effort to clean it up, there may be times when they don't notice it. If you spot spillage then please use the form to report this to us.

What you need to do

  • click on the report button and log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the online form to report collection day spillage. If you are already logged into your MyAccount the form will automatically open
  • let us know the exact location of the spillage
  • what has been spilt and (optionally) you can give us further information if you are able to, for example, any vehicle details or the time the waste crew were in the area at the time of the spillage
  • MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7. MyAccount information.  

Report collection day spillage

What happens next

Once the report is received it will be passed to the relevant team to be actioned upon as appropriate and if required member of the cleansing crew will attend to clear.