Payments to suppliers


Monthly lists of all payments of £250 and over (excluding VAT) to external bodies and suppliers. For data protection reasons, payments to individuals have been redacted


September 2019

pdf icon Payment to suppliers September (Pdf) [61kb]
spreadsheet icon Payment to suppliers September (Excel) [41kb]

August 2019

pdf icon August (Pdf) [57kb]
spreadsheet icon August (Excel) [39kb]

July 2019

pdf icon July (Pdf) [366kb]
spreadsheet icon July (Excel) [40kb]

June 2019

pdf icon June (Pdf) [58kb]
spreadsheet icon June (Excel) [37kb]

May 2019

pdf icon May (Pdf) [60kb]
spreadsheet icon May (Excel) [39kb]

April 2019

pdf icon April (Pdf) [54kb]
spreadsheet icon April (Excel) [35kb]

March 2019

pdf icon March (Pdf) [60kb]
spreadsheet icon March (Excel) [39kb]

February 2019

pdf icon February (Pdf) [55kb]
spreadsheet icon February (Excel) [35kb]

January 2019

pdf icon January (Pdf) [59kb]
spreadsheet icon January (Excel) [38kb]


If you would like to know more about our business with these suppliers, email the Information officer, quoting the relevant section, supplier and amount. Note that we can't give out information that is confidential or could be commercially sensitive.