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Clinical waste collections

We provide a free clinical waste collection for infectious waste for householders within the District. You can dispose of non-infectious waste through the council's waste collection service. If you are unsure whether your waste is infectious or non-infectious you will need to check this with your doctor.

Non-infectious waste

The following sanitary waste items are classed as non-infectious and can be put in a tied up bag and placed into your normal household refuse container:

  • Incontinence pads
  • Nappies (adult and child)
  • Sanitary products
  • Empty stoma bags

If you are unable to fit the additional non-infectious waste into your existing household waste container, please complete the form below and you will be advised further.

Infectious waste

We provide a free clinical waste collection for infectious waste usually requested through a District Nurse for:

  • Swabs and dressings
  • Any waste consisting of human or animal tissue, blood or bodily fluids

You will need to get your nurse or GP to write to us confirming you need this particular service. They can send these details via email to environmental.services@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk and once received you will be contacted to confirm collections.

Used needles

You can take your used needles to any of the following pharmacies:-

McArdle Pharmacy
41 Canterbury Road
CT19 5NJ

The Central Pharmacy
104 Cheriton Road
CT20 2QN

Taylors Pharmacy
362-364 Cheriton Road
CT19 4DX

95-97 High Street
CT21 5JH

Lloyds Pharmacy
63 High Street
New Romney
TN28 8AL

Co-op Chemist
25 High Street
Romney Marsh
TN29 9AH


Or we can arrange a collection of your used needles, but these will need to be securely kept, in a sharps box, for collection day and then placed in a safe location (i.e. not on the public footpath) for when the collection team arrive.

The normal collection day for used needles will be on a Thursday and you will be notified once confirmed. If you would like to use this service please complete the following form. 

If you want to report needles or sharps that have been discarded or are present in litter, please immediately call 01303 853660 as this requires immediate attention.

For any other reports of littering please visit our pages here  to report.


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