Help keep our streets neat campaign

The 'Help Keep Our Streets Neat' campaign calls for residents to continue playing their part in the fight against fly-tipping in Folkestone & Hythe.  

We're working with communities across the district to make sure fly-tippers pay the price when they decide to dump their waste and run. Our Enforcement Officers have been actively patrolling key areas in the district and investigating the fly-tips and we would like to thank residents for reporting information to us.

Make sure your waste goes to the right place

As well as encouraging residents to report incidences of fly-tipping , the campaign also focuses on how residents can ensure their waste is disposed of legally.

Making sure your waste is only taken by authorised waste carriers is one of the best ways to stop organised fly-tipping.

However, fly-tipping isn't just waste that gets dumped. Did you know leaving bags/boxes/general household waste next to a litter bin is also considered to be fly-tipping?

Also, don't forget that any household items you leave for sale or for free outside your home are still your responsibility, you must make sure they are removed responsibly.

We recommend advertising items like these for sale rather than leaving them on the street, or if the item is in good enough condition it may be worth looking at local charities who will accept donations.

If neither of those options work for you then bulky waste can easily be disposed of at Kent County Council's household waste recycling centres, or by using our bulky waste collection service via MyAccount.

If fly-tipped waste can be traced back to you and  it can be provide that you did not take reasonable steps to ensure you gave your waste to an authorised person, you may be issued with £300 fine or may face prosecution via court even if you did not physically dump the waste yourself.

So check out our top tips to make sure your waste goes to the right place:

  • Don't let someone take your waste away until they have proved they are legitimate, professional waste carriers should happily answer any of your questions
  • Ask to see their waste carriers license, or check to see if they're registered with the Environment Agency as a 'Carrier of Waste' 
  • Ask for a waste transfer note and an invoice or a receipt
  • Refuse anyone who unexpectedly offers to take your waste away
  • Ask what will happen to your rubbish and where/how it will be disposed