Visiting Folkestone & Hythe District

We've put together this small guide to help make your visit to Folkestone & Hythe easier and enjoyable. Like all popular attractions, our district does get busier in the summer months so do please plan your visit in advance.


We would highly recommend you do not park in residential areas.

However if you are leaving your vehicle on-street, please ensure you help the emergency services by parking sensibly and legally - any delay, however short, could cost lives. Our enforcement teams are out and about to ensure traffic can keep flowing.

Our interactive map includes the locations and details about car parks in the Folkestone & Hythe district - the page also has information about payment methods. 

Don't forget your change as all of our car park machine only accept coins. Alternatively you can pay with RingGo via phone, text or by using the app.

Here are the nearest car parks to our most popular and busiest areas in the summer months. We would also recommend having a contingency plan and consider using public transport where appropriate.

Lower Leas Coastal Park

Visitors to the Lower Leas Coastal Park should use the Coastal Park car park (CT20 1PS) in Lower Sandgate Road West. Please follow signs for Folkestone Seafront when visiting the coastal park.

Very limited parking is available at the Lower Leas Coastal Park itself - although this car park is closed between 8pm and 8am daily. Please make sure you leave the site on time as there is an overnight release fee of £100.

We would highly recommend following Folkestone Seafrontsigns if you're visiting for the day as more parking spaces are available in this area.

Folkestone Harbour

We have a number of car parks in the Folkestone Harbour area, with the main ones located at Tram Road (CT20 1QN), Harbourside (CT20 1QN) and Upper Payers (CT20 1EZ). Visit our interactive map to find out more about these and other sites. 

There are larger car parks in the area operated by Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company. Following discussions with the council, these will be opened for public use at peak times to increase parking capacity in the area.


We have two main car parks in Dymchurch in close proximity of the main attractions in the area. Dymchurch Central (TN29 0NL), Dymchurch Village Hall (TN29 0NL) and the Martello (TN29 0PX) car parks can get very busy - please do not park outside the marked parking bays.

You may also want to consider alternative car parks, including High Knocke (TN29 0NL). This is about 20-minute flat walk away from the heart of Dymchurch. There is no on-street parking available in Dymchurch so please plan ahead.

The Warren

Those visiting The Warren should park in the East Cliff Pavilion car park (CT19 6BL), which is about a 20-minute walk from the country park.


Folkestone & Hythe District Council has one car park at Dungeness (TN29 9NL).


Hythe is a popular choice for a day out - either for people who want to experience the fantastically independent high street or those wanting a day at the beach.

As a result, parking in Hythe is spread out across the town depending on what your plans involve. Please visit our interactive map to find out what works for you. 


Here is a full list of our public toilets in the district.  They remain open between 8am and 10pm throughout the summer months.

Enjoying the district safely

Naturally, the number one rule is to enjoy your visit. But you can do simple things to make sure everyone can have a good time in Folkestone & Hythe. Here are a few pointers:

  • Plan your journey in advance, including where you want to park (if you're driving, that is). Popular spots are likely to be busier than usual.
  • Don't litter. Either place your rubbish in the nearest empty bin or take it home with you. Don't leave bags next to the bins for the seagulls to rip open.
  • You're welcome to bring small tents or umbrellas to keep yourself out of direct sunlight, but take them home with you at the end of the day. That includes broken or unwanted items.
  • Dress sensibly and make sure you regularly apply sunscreen. Drink plenty of water and remember to consume alcohol responsibly.
  • Hot weather can make people irritable and less patient. Be considerate with fellow residents and visitors.
  • BBQs are no longer allowed in the Lower Leas Coastal Park.
  • If you use a disposable BBQ on the beach, please don't put them straight in the bin when you're finished with them. Wait for them to cool down or cover with cold water before placing in our litter bins. If in doubt, take it home.
  • Overnight camping and open fires are not permitted at The Warren or any of our other sites.
  • Our officers are not the 'fun police'. They are just making sure everyone can enjoy themselves safely. We also work closely with our colleagues at Kent Police to tackle anti-social behaviour.
  • Patrols are carried out to reduce environmental crime such as dog fouling and littering - with officers able to issue on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £100 when they witness such offences.
  • A reminder that anti-social alcohol consumption, along with other behaviours, is prohibited under the PSPOs across the district.
  •  If you or your family are enjoying one of the various play areas in the district, please use the equipment for a reasonable timeat busy periods.
  • While we're equally excited by the roadmap out of lockdown, it's very important to stick to the rules in place. Remember to keep your distance and continue to wash your hands regularly.

Hidden gems

Like any popular destination, our district can get very busy in the summer. But that doesn't mean there aren't things to do if you enjoy a slower pace.

We've got 26 miles of coastline in the Folkestone & Hythe district, so why not consider heading somewhere a little bit quieter? It will be no less enjoyable - believe us.

We're not going to shout about the hidden gems too loudly (otherwise they won't be secret for too long), but our Instagram A-Z might be a good starter-for-ten.