Bins on highway (footpath)

Residents are advised to place their recycling or waste out for collection either first thing in the morning on collection day (before 7am) or as late as possible the night before.

Residents should then bring the bins back on to their property as soon as possible after collection and store them safely. This is considerate to your neighbours, avoids there being obstacles on the highway (footpath), and also helps to prevent people putting their waste in your bin.

If a bin is left on the highway (footpath) and is not taken back in after collection and has no reason to be left on the highway (footpath) this can be reported to the Waste Team to investigate and could lead to the removal of the bin which if the bin is then needed to be returned a charge could apply.

If you would like to report that the crew have returned your container but to the incorrect collection point you can report this by going to 'incorrect bin' page 

What you need to do

  • click on the report button and log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the online form to report a bin on the highway. If you are already logged into your MyAccount the form will automatically open
  • let us know the location of where the bins are being kept on the highway
  • tell us which bins are being kept on the highway and if you know the address of the property that the bin/s belong to
  • you can also upload a photo as evidence
  • MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7. For information about MyAccount visit the find out more page.

Report a bin on the highway

If you wish to report it anonymously select the 'Report anonymously' option on the MyAccount log in page

What happens next

Once the report is received it will be passed to the Waste Team to investigate and to take appropriate action necessary.