Guide for event planning

Facilities at an event

Ensure that you have all the required facilities and any specialist equipment installed by trained professionals

Draw up a site plan

This should show all intended attractions and facilities including your main control point or centre.

Make sure you plan out and designate all entrance and exit points, circulations routes, accessibility for disabled visitors, vehicle access points, parking, emergency evacuation routes etc. and have appropriate signage in place.

Specialist equipment

If you're having a fairground, bungee jump, bouncy castle or other temporary structures or specialist equipment, these pose specific hazards and should only be erected by trained professionals.

The latest guide for bouncy castles and other inflatable can be found on the Health and Safety Executive  site.

Welfare arrangements

Ensure there are appropriate toilet, drinking water, and baby changing facilities proportionate to the size of your event as well as appropriate facilities for disabled visitors. You may also need to consider lost property, lost and found children, and missing persons.

First aid

You should have an appropriate number of trained personnel and resources booked in advance such as:

  • St John Ambulance, British Red Cross, or St Andrew's Ambulance Association qualified first aiders with experience in providing first aid at crowd events;
  • paramedics; and
  • ambulances.

Don't rely on the NHS 999 service for your event.