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Street cleaning and litter

The council is responsible for keeping our streets, parks and open spaces clean and safe for residents.

What we will do

We will

  • Sweep town centres and main shopping areas every day
  • Empty litter bins as necessary
  • Sweep residential areas according to how busy they are, on a scale of once a fortnight to three times a week

If you notice a location that requires attention then let us know by providing as much information as possible using the form below.

Examples of street cleaning requiring attention could be from a build-up of litter or general debris and heavy leaf fall.

People who leave litter may get a Fixed Penalty Notice. If they don't pay the penalty they can be fined up to £2,500.

What you need to do

You will need to let us know the location of the issue and a description of the cleaning that is required. You can also upload any photos as evidence.

You can make a report anonymously.

What happens next

Once the report is received it will be passed to the relevant team/s to be actioned upon as appropriate.

To report a street cleaning issue please use the following form

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